PHP: install ionCube Loader to use encrypted extensions on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Let’s say you are running a Shopware installation or any other PHP-based application that makes use of encrypted PHP code. You have to install the ionCube Loader on your server to run that code. The following steps will guide you through the installation.

Unfortunately there is no package that can be installed, you have to download the compiled extensions for all PHP versions and copy the right file to your PHP extensions directory.

But let’s start with downloading and extracting the ionCube Loader files:

(I assume you have a 64-bit system!)

The commands above will direct you to the /tmp directory, download the .tar.gz with the ionCube Loader files and extract them into a subdirectory in /tmp.

This line is a bit of complicated. It will automatically detect your PHP version to copy the right ionCube Loader file to your extension directory. It will also detect the path of your extension directory.

Next we have to add our new extension to the Apache2’s PHP configuration.

If you are using PHP-FPM instead of libapache2-mod-php5, you have to call this line instead:

If you also want to use encrypted PHP files on your console, you should also enable the extension for CLI:

That’s it! Now you should be running the ionCube Loader extension. If you enabled the ionCube Loader extension for CLI, you can test it with:

For the webserver, go to the Shopware backend and look into the System information.

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