Released: Node.js 4.2 “Argon” with Long Term Support

Node.js 4.2 “Argon” was released today. It is the first version of Node.js with Long Term Support.

Long Term Support releases will get bugfixes and security fixes for a longer time than non-LTS releases, but will also not get any new features. This is useful for companies that want to build their applications without changing them every time a new release of the programming language is released with potential API changes.

In Node.js, developers said that they will create a new Long Term Support release every twelve month. Each LTS-Release will be supported for 18 months with bugfixes and security fixes. After that time, release will go to maintenance for 12 month meaning that this release will only get fixes for critical security issues.

Download the new Node.js 4.2 “Argon”.
Changelog für Node.js 4.2 “Argon”.

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